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Shipping & Returns

International shipping usually international air express company, delivery is fast after treatment within a week. The value of all purchase orders are insured and can be tracked on the website.

EMS All international cargo, especially in the retail and wholesale, please contact us, click Our online! So, here you can enjoy free shipping and discount stores. Save a lot of money now enjoy a completely new quality.

We are a professional online retail and transport and delivery of the long-term, direct cooperation to EMS at home. , You need to make sure that your package arrives safely home.

Once you have your e-mail address to take control of your website later confirmation test, you can not "along the track of orders!

return policy
We will charge the maximum satisfaction. All items here by the word "You have to get within seven days or you can visit our website to see." Recently, for the release of the Exchange is at the table you have to go back to our return address. Leave! All elements of the United States to be sent back to its original state, or change, all tags must be red.

All you have selected to buy a basket of goods. We are a violation of the rights of the project. On the right, the right of return of the project if: all returned items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. Return or not in the right order package, you will be responsible for shipping costs. We are not responsible for lost, call to improve your safety and supervision of insurance.

all, send us an e-mail, delivery address products should be returned to our feedback here!

We are a different size or color scheme within 30 days of the date of exchange submitted. Make your order number to contact us, our staff will assist you. Leave! If you want to exchange a different style goods, what do you project * (withdrawal), as well as repay your favorite new style.

Before you return an item, please contact us. All elements of the United States to be sent back to its original state, or change, all tags must be red. Worn or dirty items will be returned near the PIU.

We come to you as soon as possible, and transport, will be responsible for the return and exchange programs do not pay the freight exchange. We are not responsible for lost, you can add tracking and insurance, to offer back to send goods to ensure the safety of our own. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

order cancellation
Following may be required cancellation of orders, "Once all orders with order 6 ~ 8 hours to complete the task as much as possible. At the end of the procedure is so we are not always able to, I do not believe you "this is a crucial time when the denial of the request to the agreement to understand the treatment of returnees.